• Alert about attempted scam over the phone

    The Public Security Services of Monaco have been informed of several attempted scams and of a proven scam by telephone, targeting residents of the Principality, whose number appears in the telephone directory with a first name which could suggest a advanced age. Under a false pretext (risk of big tax fine for example), the interlocutor, presenting himself as a member of the Monegasque Police or High Monegasque Institutions, tries to extract from them large sums by bank transfer. The scenario is well established: the scammer opens an account abroad in the name of the victim to whom he then explains how to answer the questions of his bank advisor. The scammer's grip on the people contacted is total. In the event of a similar appeal, it is necessary to be particularly vigilant and not to follow up. In this case, you should immediately notify Monaco Public Security (93 15 30 15) who will direct you to the specialized services.

  • 44th International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo January 16 to 26, 2020 - Press release n ° 3

    The great circus festival is approaching and the Organizing Committee of the 44 th International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo has decided this year to pay tribute to the horse whose beauty and elegance continue to seduce all audiences. - So Maicol Errani, son of Fredy Knie Jr., will present a unique carousel in the world with 30 horses trained by Fredy Knie Junior from the stables of the famous Swiss Knie circus, which is celebrating 100 th anniversary. The marquee will turn into a real horse temple and the number into a real equestrian ballet! - Sergey Nesterov will work with five white tigers of which he has known, by the quality of his training, his sweetness and the confidence established between him and his partners, to get the best. It is a real bond that reigns between the big cats and the trainer who even manages, at the end of the number, to lie down on the five white tigers lying on the track. - The red thread of the show will be assured this year by the "Prince of the clowns" Henry Ayala whose numerous gags will enamel the evenings. And this complete artist, as there are very few, will also prove his qualities as a ... tightrope walker! - Finally, the Dandys will cause a sensation at the Russian helm with a series of technical prowess: triple somersaults before and back, triple pike jumps before and back combined with pirouettes… unheard of! Come in large numbers to admire internationally renowned artists who will participate in the 44 th International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo! The rest of the program in our next press releases… Reservations: * Internet: www.montecarlofestival.mc or www.France-billet.com or www.fnac.com * Telephone: +377 92 05 23 45 * Fax: +377 92 05 26 22 * On site: ticket offices at the Espace Fontvieille marquee from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. * By correspondence: order accompanied by a check in euros or the credit card number to Monte-Carlo Festival - Avenue des Ligures - MC 98000 Monaco

  • Marie-Pierre Gramaglia participates in the launch of the new SUD AZUR Transport Pass

    Alongside Christian Estrosi, President of the Côte d'Azur Metropolis, Philippe Tabarot, Vice-President of the General Council, Vice-President of the Regional Council delegated to Transport, Intermodality and Travel, and numerous Presidents of Communities of the Alpes-Maritimes agglomeration, Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Government Counselor - Minister of Equipment, Environment and Town Planning of the Principality participated on Monday December 16, at the Hôtel de Ville in Nice, to the presentation of the "Pass Transport Sud Azur" which will be launched on January 1, 2020, in the Alpes Maritimes department. This new transport pass presents itself as an interesting alternative to the use of the private car; it allows the user to travel unlimited on all public transport networks (bus, train, tram) in the Alpes-Maritimes, by means of a monthly subscription at an advantageous rate since it is lower than the sum of the various subscriptions. It will include the Compagnie des Autobus de Monaco network from 1 September 2020. Marie-Pierre Gramaglia recalled that “ the Principality was aiming to reduce traffic by 2030 by around 20% of light vehicle flows. In this, it encourages multimodal transfer and the train. We are committed alongside the Region, by participating in the financing of TER through an annual contribution of € 8 million corresponding to approximately 50% of the total contribution intended for the 13,000 beneficiaries of TER tariff reductions originating or destination in Monaco ”. The Government Counselor also highlighted the bus connections: “ We also encourage the use of the CARF bus lines and the regional line 100 connecting Nice to Menton via Monaco. Important regular lines that we support through a financial contribution. Today, the Sud Azur Pass is an additional opportunity which invites everyone to use all modes of public transport with greater ease ”. The Alpes-Maritimes are divided into 7 zones, the SUD AZUR pass is a sesame which allows travelers to navigate with ease on several public transport networks. Modular, it adapts perfectly to all needs: you can therefore buy 1, 2, 3 touching areas or ... the whole of the Alpes-Maritimes department. In the selected areas, the subscriber has access to the urban network (s) and to the regional interurban networks ZOU! (buses, trains and Provence railways).

  • European Waste Reduction Week "Monaco: Deep Water Exploration"

    Highlight of the European Week of Waste Reduction in Monaco, which ends Saturday, November 23, the Directorate of the Environment organized Thursday, November 22, at Stars'n'Bars, a conference on the theme "Monaco Deepwater exploration ". The conference followed the clean-up of the coralligenous rocks, located at the exit of the Port of Fontvieille whose rich biodiversity is the subject of scientific monitoring by the Directorate of the Environment. This joint environmental action, carried out on September 20, brought together divers from several Monegasque institutions *. A presentation, fed by underwater photos and videos of this day, was presented to the public, revealing the impact of many macro-waste, a large proportion of which comes from recreational fishing activity (fishing line, hooks). The results of the deep-water expedition to the RAMOGE area, for which the French, Monegasque and Italian governments are cooperating in terms of integrated coastal management and the fight against marine pollution, were also exposed. The harmful effects of pollution by plastic waste in the Mediterranean, more than 2,000 meters deep, have thus been highlighted. At the end of his presentation, Ludovic Aquilina, Head of Section at the Directorate of the Environment, recalled that in order to limit this deterioration of the marine environment, the Monegasque Government decided to limit waste at its source by banning the environment. use plastic straws in the 1 st January 2019, and plastic dishes (glasses, cutlery, plates) on 1 st January 2020 with the objective zero waste plastic disposable 2030. * Corps of the Carabiniers du Prince, Fire Brigade Corps, Directorate of Maritime Affairs, Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, Scientific Center of Monaco and the Monegasque Association for the Protection of Nature.

  • 7th Meeting of the States Parties to the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans of the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Adjacent Atlantic

    Monaco participated in the 7 th Meeting of Countries Parties to the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans of the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and contiguous Atlantic area, which was held from 5 to 8 November in Istanbul, Turkey. At this meeting, the 24 ACCOBAMS Member States pledged themselves, on the initiative of France and Monaco, to help fight against the erosion of marine biodiversity. They thus adopted a work program for 2020-2022 accompanied by measures for the conservation of cetaceans (underwater noise monitoring methods, reduction of incidental catches of cetaceans in fishing gear, protocols for strandings including monitoring of ingested plastics ...). The decisions were based on the results of the recent international campaign, developed and coordinated by the Permanent Secretariat of ACCOBAMS, which allowed the identification of dolphins and whales as well as plastic waste from the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Permanent Secretariat of ACCOBAMS Tel: +377 9898 2078 www.accobams.org @ACCOBAMS

  • Monaco participates in the 40th session of the General Conference of UNESCO

    The Counselor of Government, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Laurent Anselmi, accompanied by HE Ms Yvette Lambin-Berti, Ambassador, Permanent Delegate of Monaco and other members of the delegation participated in the 40 th session of the Conference General Meeting of UNESCO taking place in Paris until 27 November. On Thursday, 14 November, during the general policy debate, Mr Anselmi delivered a speech to the Assembly, commending the crucial role played by UNESCO in promoting education for all, especially girls. He recalled the actions undertaken by Monaco in this area, including support for a project for schooling vulnerable children in Burundi, conducted in conjunction with UNESCO. On the cultural front, Monaco renewed its support for the "Reviving the Spirit of Mosul" initiative launched in February 2018 by the Director-General of UNESCO. This project aims to support the reconstruction of the city, decimated by the war, notably through the UNESCO Emergency Fund for Heritage, in which Monaco has participated since its inception. In addition, while recalling the Principality's commitment to science, the Government-Minister Advisor welcomed the dialogue on an open science put on the agenda of the discussions. He emphasized that the defense of the oceans remained a priority commitment for the Prince's Government, as evidenced by the hosting of the meeting of the IPCC by Monaco last September. Finally, emphasizing that Monaco aims to become a "smart city", he welcomed the adoption of a roadmap for the creation of an ethical tool in the field of artificial intelligence and encouraged the Organization to play this pioneering role in this area.

  • Traditional consular meeting in Monaco

    Minister of State Serge Telle closed Wednesday, November 20, the consular meeting, organized by the Department of External Relations and Cooperation. After having expressed to the diplomats present, the gratitude of the Princely Government and of the whole Principality, he declared "We are at the heart of the great movements of this world and we bring them original answers. To achieve this, we must continually strengthen our links with all the forces of this world. That's why we need you. " This event brings together each year, after the National Day, the members of the Monaco Diplomatic Corps and the Honorary Consuls of Monaco, active on all continents, to present various current issues of the Principality. Laurent Anselmi, Government Counselor-Minister of External Relations and Cooperation, emphasized the key activities of the Department. Among the various speakers, Guillaume Rose, Executive Director General of the Monaco Economic Board, presented the calendar of joint operations with the Ambassadors and Consuls, then HE Mr. Robert Fillon, Ambassador of Monaco in Italy and President of the Commemoration Committee of Prince Albert 1 er , expressed events organized by the Executive Committee. As a reminder, the Principality currently has 138 consulates in operation in 80 states.

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Alert about attempted scam over the phone

The Public Security Services of Monaco have been informed of several attempted s...

44th International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo January 16 to 26, 2020 - Press release n ° 3

The great circus festival is approaching and the Organizing Committee of the 44 ...

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Alert about attempted scam over the phone

The Public Security Services of Monaco have been informed of several attempted scams and of a proven scam by telephone, targeting residents of the Principality, whose number appears in the telephone directory with a first name which could suggest a advanced ag... Read more