Opening of the 51st Plenary Session of the IPCC

The 51 st Plenary Session of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), which is being held at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco from 20 to 23 September, was opened this morning with an address by HSH the Sovereign Prince in the presence of more than 500 scientists and experts from around the world. He notably uttered this sentence summing up his state of mind in the face of the climatic challenge: "It is the worst of times" one day wrote my friend the great oceanographer Sylvia Earle, "but it is the best of times, because we still have a chance »*.

It is at the end of this Session that the IPCC Special Report on the Oceans and the Cryosphere (pack ice, glaciers, polar ice caps) must be returned to the international press on 25th September at the Oceanographic Museum in a context of change. climate. This publication, the latest in a series of three special reports, one on the possibility of containing global warming at 1.5 ° C (October 2018) and one on climate change and land (August 2019), has has been christened "Ocean, Cryosphere and Climate Change". She draws the impacts of climate change and asks a question: what if the oceans become our worst enemies?