Presentation of the 2020 Spring Arts Festival - March 13 to April 11, 2020

Marc Monnet, Artistic Advisor of the Spring Festival of Arts, has just presented the next edition of this event in the Garnier Hall of the Monte-Carlo Opera: and it is with a film of which he is the author that the public was able to discover the main trends of this event.

The 2020 edition will feature 31 concerts and shows, an exhibition, two digital installations in the city, a film screening and numerous discussions and meetings, before the Festival, in preamble to the concerts and with the artists.

"As you may have noticed," said Marc Monnet, "we are proposing strong themes this year, including a major presence in Quebec, a cycle of French music, extra-European music with songs and dances from Bali and three days around the harpsichord.

The events popular with the public, including "the surprise trip", but also concerts outside the Principality, concerts in apartment ... will of course be maintained.

Finally note "A way to understand the history of music" by Corinne Schneider, musicologist, declined on four sessions from March 4.