44th International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo January 16 to 26, 2020 - Press release n ° 3

The great circus festival is approaching and the Organizing Committee of the 44 th International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo has decided this year to pay tribute to the horse whose beauty and elegance continue to seduce all audiences.

- So Maicol Errani, son of Fredy Knie Jr., will present a unique carousel in the world with 30 horses trained by Fredy Knie Junior from the stables of the famous Swiss Knie circus, which is celebrating 100 th anniversary. The marquee will turn into a real horse temple and the number into a real equestrian ballet!

- Sergey Nesterov will work with five white tigers of which he has known, by the quality of his training, his sweetness and the confidence established between him and his partners, to get the best. It is a real bond that reigns between the big cats and the trainer who even manages, at the end of the number, to lie down on the five white tigers lying on the track.

- The red thread of the show will be assured this year by the "Prince of the clowns" Henry Ayala whose numerous gags will enamel the evenings. And this complete artist, as there are very few, will also prove his qualities as a ... tightrope walker!

- Finally, the Dandys will cause a sensation at the Russian helm with a series of technical prowess: triple somersaults before and back, triple pike jumps before and back combined with pirouettes… unheard of!

Come in large numbers to admire internationally renowned artists who will participate in the

44 th International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo!

The rest of the program in our next press releases…


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