Alert about attempted scam over the phone

The Public Security Services of Monaco have been informed of several attempted scams and of a proven scam by telephone, targeting residents of the Principality, whose number appears in the telephone directory with a first name which could suggest a advanced age.

Under a false pretext (risk of big tax fine for example), the interlocutor, presenting himself as a member of the Monegasque Police or High Monegasque Institutions, tries to extract from them large sums by bank transfer.

The scenario is well established: the scammer opens an account abroad in the name of the victim to whom he then explains how to answer the questions of his bank advisor.

The scammer's grip on the people contacted is total.

In the event of a similar appeal, it is necessary to be particularly vigilant and not to follow up. In this case, you should immediately notify Monaco Public Security (93 15 30 15) who will direct you to the specialized services.