Donation of textbooks to the Monaco - Tunisia association

As part of the operation "Monaco is committed against waste" (MEG)

Thanks to the generosity of the Lycée Albert Ier, the Monaco Town Hall and the Monaco Sustainable Development Association (MC2D) recently organized the collection of textbooks for the benefit of the Monaco-Tunisia association.

Indeed, contact between the different entities had already been established since last year, the school having been one of the major donors during the first fundraising on this topic organized in early July 2019. It is therefore natural that the This year, the team from the Documentation and Information Center of the Rocher secondary school offered to hand over the textbooks it no longer used.

In practice, the MEG collections, organized by the Town Hall and MC2D at Espace Léo Ferré since December 2018 in order to fight against waste and promote the circular economy, had to be suspended for several months due to the health crisis. But it would have been a shame to leave piles of textbooks sleeping on shelves when they can still be of great use ... Also, it is thanks to the good coordination of the teams of the Town Hall, the Lycée Albert Ier and Monaco Logistique - responsible for packaging and removing boxes, that a one-off action was quickly put in place to allow the Monaco-Tunisia association to collect these textbooks.

Thus, 35 boxes of around forty textbooks each, all subjects and all levels combined, or nearly 1,400 textbooks in total, were recovered for the benefit of the Monaco-Tunisia association which works for Tunisian youth. These textbooks will soon join several schools but also the public library of the city of Kairouan in Tunisia.

Following this operation, the head of the association, Leïla Chiha, came to the Town Hall on Friday July 10 to meet Marjorie Crovetto Harroch, Deputy Mayor in charge of the Living Environment, Environment and Sustainable Development, and Raoul Viora, President of the MC2D association.