Monaco Renewable Energy's first wind investment

Monaco Renewable Energy's first wind investment.
To accompany Monaco's transition to a decarbonated company by 2050, the Princely Government and the Monaco Electricity and Gas Company (SMEG 3) combined their skills 3 years ago by creating the company Monaco Renewable Energies (M.E.R.) with the objective of Monaco having 100 % green power generation capacity equivalent to territorial consumption. To best cover the Principality's consumption curve, a target mix of technologies has been defined by the Princely Government, between photovolta moth, wind turbine and hydraulic.
☑️ The wind turbine, a wise and complementary choice to photovoltaique
M.E.R just acquired three projects developed by ABO Wind. This partnership with one of the world's benchmarks for wind development has led to the construction of three parks (between 2 and 4 wind turbines per project), including two in Charente and one in the Côtes d ' Armor department.
The retained wind turbines are branded by Vestas and Nordex, two leading manufacturers, for unit powers ranging from 2 to 2.5 MW, and heights ranging from 145 to 160 m high.
Built in favourable areas with adequate wind regimes, these wind turbines will ensure a cumulative annual production of 57 GWh per year, or 10 % of the Principality's electricity consumption. In complementarity with photovolta mulls which only produce during the day and with a peak of production around midday consistent with the peak of electricity consumption of the Principality connected with air conditioning, wind power plants will thus be able to ensure coverage of the ′′ base ′′ consumption of the territory , especially during the night.
☑️ SEA, a green asset park covering a total of 25 % of the Principality's electricity supply
Construction of wind farms will be completed in the next few months, and wind turbines are expected to be connected to the French public network and then inaugurated between December 2020 and June 2021.
With 10 M.E.R. photovolta parks and newly 3 wind farms, M.E.R. secured the takeover of 75 MW of renewable energy, or 25 % of the Principality's consumption.
As Samy Touati, President of Monaco Renewable Energies, says: ′′ 2020 will remain a key year in developing our strategy and is an important step towards the independence of the energy of the Principality. These new wind farms will allow M.E.R to respect its growth path, with the intermediate ambition to cover 50 % of our electricity consumption by 2025 ".
Source: Gouvernement Monaco