The Princely Government highly recommended telework and adjusted the rules regarding sporting practice.

The development of the health situation over the last few days demonstrates an active circulation of the virus in the Principality of Monaco. As the Christmas holidays, conducive to social interactions, end, the number of people tested positive is in
If the number of people detected positive for Covid-19 increases, this increase should be linked to the massive deployment of tests carried out in Monaco.
Indeed, the more we test, the more infected people we identify. Over the past two weeks, either during the holidays, 7000 PCR and antigenic tests have been completed.
Last week (December 28 to January 3) 7,66 % of the analyses carried out proved positive.
Upstream steps taken by the Princely Government in consultation with the make it possible to consider large-scale deployment.
Thus, Monegasque testing capacity is now 16.000 per 100.000 inhabitants per week.
The Princely Government encourages every resident or employee who has stayed abroad to get tested. Those who want to get tested can contact Covid-19 call center on 92 05 55 00. A wide testing campaign
On the basis of volunteering with teachers and students is in progress.
It was against this particular background that the Government wished, from the first day of the start of the school year, an exchange with the elected officials of the National Council in the Joint Follow-up Committee on Monday, January 4
While access to restaurants in the Principality was limited as of January 2 for people from outside, the Board agreed that there was a need for high vigilance and verification. As a reminder, only persons residing or working in Monaco can consume in establishments of the Principality. In case of failure, penalties may be imposed for infringers.
In addition, and always to limit the movement of persons in the Principality, the Government, in agreement with the National Council delegation, recommend the mass use of telework in the private and public sectors until further notice. The objective is to reduce the influx of people outside the Principality while maintaining economic activity.
Regarding administration, remote work will be systematized at the end of the week at all services while maintaining reception to the public.
· For the private sector, where the nature of the employee's activity is compatible with his pursuit and the employer can make suitable equipment available to him, he shall implement the work remotely with the employee's agreement, provided he is not the subject of a work stop. Very concretely, any mission
professional which does not impose for its proper achievement, a physical presence in the workplace must be done in telework.
These provisions will be reminded of the various institutions and actors of the Principality.
Exchanges also took place in the Joint Committee on Sport Practice.
The Princely Government has decided to close gyms and swimming pools, as well as the broader ban on the practice of sport in closed settings, including school sport, for three weeks (including January 27). However, it's not true that
For sporting practice, sports coaches can deliver private lessons limited to one person (indoor and outdoor).
The measure of closing the gyms did not receive the consent of the majority of the National Council representatives, considering that there were no proven cases thanks to the measures put in place by the professionals involved.
The Government considered it justified nonetheless. Indeed, despite strict health protocol, intensive physical activity in a closed space is a practice at risk according to health authorities.
Targeted support measures can be taken to support
operators of these infrastructures.
In addition, the Princely Government states that it is now being offered to tested positive persons residing in the Principality to stay at the hotel to avoid intra-family contamination. It's about offering a possibility of isolation for positive people who want it.
Indeed, a lot of contamination is intra-family. They even seem to be more numerous following Christmas Eve. Once again, health authorities stress the importance of respecting barriers such as mask wearing, repeated hand hygiene and adequate ventilation of housing.
Finally, the Joint Committee considered the issue of vaccines.
The Government has detailed the immunization protocol scheduled for the campaign started last week for people over 75 years old. Vaccinations will continue at an accelerated pace as in the next few days, the population over 65 will be requested by mail to invite them to show up. Health workers will also be requested on a priority basis.
Joint Committee participants agree that immunization on the basis of volunteerism is the only measure to give real protection to the population of the principality.

Source: Government of Monaco