Payment of the 2021 stamp: The Maritime Affairs Department asks boaters to prefer remote payment.

At the beginning of 2021, boaters must renew their ship's annual naturalization right.
Maritime affairs are mailing every boater with the amount to pay. The amounts remain the same as previous years.
In a context of strengthening the fight against the spread of coronavirus, the Department of Maritime Affairs wants to limit the physical reception of the public at its premises and asks boaters to favour remote payment.
Three ways of remote payment are made available:
• payment by credit card, calling 22 98 98 80 Monday to Friday, 9 am to 17 pm, without interruption;
• payment by check, to:
′′ Department of Maritime Affairs 20 wharf l ' Swallow, 98000 Monaco ′′
• or by transfer to the account on the invoice.
In case of travel, the DAM states that wearing a mask is mandatory and that reception will allow only one person at a time, which could lead to an outside waiting.
For more information, the Department of Maritime Affairs can be reached by phone at 98 98 22 80, by mail or email: [email protected]

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Source : Gouvernement Monaco