Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's daughter publics a selfie after saying father saved her

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's daughter took to social media to share a rare selfie with her followers.

Isabella Kidman Cruise is rarely seen in the spotlight after swerving the very public lives that her parents lead.

Artist Bella, 28, usually posts pictures of her stunning artwork on Instagram.

But she recently treated her fans to a rare photograph of herself.

She looks beautiful in the black-and-white snap which sees her standing on a snow-covered train platform, wrapped up warm in a winter coat, hat and scarf.

She captioned it: "Same face, new prints now available on the shop"

One fan told her: "BEAUTIFUL FACE!!!!"
While another commented: "Nice to see you Bella"

A third penned: "and such a pretty face it is"

Bella was adopted by Tom and Nicole in 1992 while they were married, and her younger brother Connor, 26, was also adopted by the A-list couple three years later.

She recently spoke about how her famous dad had saved her from her problems.
She had appeared in a marketing ad to credit the Church of Scientology for providing the missing piece in her life.

Bella undertook extensive training to become an auditor.

And she said she was "drowning in problems" before qualifying for the role in an email shared with London-based Scientologists before being shared on blog The Underground Bunker.

She wrote: "It turned out it was exactly what I needed. I dragged out the testing and correction, just made it through the drilling and then finally began my auditing adventure, and wow, I wasn't prepared.
"This IS what I had been searching for. The missing piece."

The artist, who lives in Croydon, credited her dad and her aunt, Cass Mapother, as well as various members of the church for helping her work through her issues during her training.

She continued: "Thank you to my Dad for everything. To Cass. To Tash. I would have drowned in my own problems if you hadn't been there to sup me or get me through the preliminaries."