"Every piece of clothing gives off energy, and changing style also changes our behavior" -Naira Sargsyan

Naira Sargsyan comes from a family where the father was an architect engineer and the mother was an actress. Musician as a child, the designer then turned to fashion. She made her first professional steps in a high fashion workshop in Yerevan, Armenia - where she comes from, and where she acquired an exceptional experience. She came to Marseille in 1999 and then returned to the International Institute of Creation and Fashion Sewing (IICC-MODE), to improve on the manufacture of models from the software Lectra. In Marseille the designer took up residence, at 184 boulevard of Sainte Marguerite, where she located her own shop, a real cave of sumptuous pieces. The city of Marseille is also the link where most of its numerous exhibitions and successful parades have taken place, always highlighting its Franco-Armenian inspirations. Very sober and clean, the dresses signed by Naira Sargsyan are very elaborative and unique, including the initials "NS" delicately embroidered by hand with gold thread on each piece.
Naira is also responsible for the fashion sector at the CCIFA, ambassador of the Club M Ambassador, official partner of Miss Elegance PACA 2017. Preparing to present its new collection "Haute en Élegance" on September 3rd at Monaco in Hotel Metropole along with other Armenian creators, will display the ARMENIAN COLLECTION 2018 MONTE-CARLO on the occasion of the 115th anniversary of the composer Aram Khachaturian. The event is organized by Vruyr Penesyan, president of the BPA company. "I am delighted to highlight my expertise for this historic event that strengthens the ties between Armenia and Monaco”. In this collection I wanted to represent elegance by linking sweetness and femininity through sumptuous dresses. I chose noble materials coming from large French weavers' houses. My creations have always been unique and exceptional pieces. Indeed, for me creating cocktail, party, and bridal dresses, it is like as if a painter is painting a work of art bringing out all it’s personality. Naira also said, my motto is "The chic”, simply said by Coco Chanel.

Naira Sargsyan